ACTS installs a new state-of-the-art X-ray scanner

The Smith’s Detection HI-SCAN 145180-2is is equipped with two 160kV generators positioned at a 90-degree angle, enabling both horizontal and vertical object views (dual-view). This configuration not only reduces inspection time but also delivers high-quality images.

With tunnel dimensions measuring 1,450mm (57 inches) in width and 1,800mm (71 inches) in height, this system is well-suited for examining air cargo carried on standard Euro, British, or US pallets.

Upgrading cargo security and inspection to the next level

An X-ray system like the HI-SCAN 145180-2is offers several advantages:

Dual-View Capability: The ability to capture both horizontal and vertical views of an object simultaneously reduces the need for multiple scans or repositioning of cargo. This significantly shortens the inspection time, making the process more efficient.

High-Quality Images: By providing dual views, this X-ray system delivers clearer and more comprehensive images of the inspected cargo. This high image quality aids inspectors in identifying any potential threats, contraband, or irregularities within the cargo.

Suitable for Various Cargo Types: The system’s dimensions are designed to accommodate standard Euro, British, and US pallets. This versatility allows it to inspect a wide range of air cargo, making it a valuable tool for cargo handling facilities that deal with diverse shipments.

Compliance with TSA Requirements: Meeting TSA (Transportation Security Administration) requirements for maximum skid size is crucial for cargo screening at airports and other transportation hubs. This X-ray system’s compliance ensures seamless integration into security protocols.

Material Discrimination: The inclusion of HI-MAT Plus technology enhances the system’s ability to discriminate between different materials, which is essential for identifying potential threats hidden within cargo. This technology aids in reducing false alarms and improving the overall accuracy of inspections.

Efficient Cargo Handling: The small-pitch roller conveyor with a substantial weight capacity allows for the smooth and rapid movement of cargo through the inspection process. This not only saves time but also minimizes disruptions in the cargo handling workflow.

In summary, an X-ray system with dual-view capabilities, high-quality imaging, and compatibility with various cargo types offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency, security, and accuracy in the inspection of air cargo. It helps ensure the safe and timely transport of goods while also meeting regulatory requirements for security screenings.